What is ItsPayd?

ItsPayd is a simple web based platform that allows companies to send a statement via email and/or text notice to customers. Not only is it very easy to use, it is an extremely powerful automated process that utilizes cutting edge technology to reach customers in a friendly way AND offers them control over how they want to satisfy their obligation in a very simple 3 step process. Your customers will be able to receive, review and pay your statement via credit/debit card, E-check or ACH, all in under 90 seconds.

ItsPayd will send notifications (email and/or text) with a secure link that takes your customers to their own statement page listing the reference number, date of statement, and amount owing. They will have a choice of selecting either a one-time payment option or an acceptable payment plan, all of which has been set up by you, the company, and prior to your customers receiving the notice. ItsPayd is a fully automated program, saving your company time and money!

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How it Works

You, the company, upload your customer’s information through our secure web portal, select the payment option(s) you want to offer your customers and select the date you want the notice to be sent.

Customers will receive notification (email and/or text) and you’ll have your payment within 90 seconds. It’s that simple! Your customer is happy and you are happy. A true win-win system, all delivered in a very simple easy to use way. Questions?

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Monitoring Payment and Activity

Once a transaction is processed, our system will deposit payment directly into your account. You will also be able to view various transactions, download reports, and monitor activity on your own web accessed page.

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Want to know if your customer received your digital communication? Absolutely! ItsPayd offers email and/or text tracking along with analytics to help you monitor your customers “read/respond” rate. You’ll know when your customers received your communications, time and date they opened it, how many times it was viewed and when they made their payment.

Automated Follow-ups

Once the first statement has been sent, ItsPayd will automate the rest of the follow up process, so you don’t have to! If no payment has been received after the first attempt, ItsPayd will automatically send out two more reminders. The reminders get sent out in 5 day increments; first reminder sent on the 5th day, and a 2nd reminder sent on the 11th day. ItsPayd automates the traditional way of handling past dues, to save your company time and money.

Safety and Security Matters

ItsPayd takes the security of your data seriously. We take a multi-tiered approach to security that includes minimizing the sensitive data that we maintain. ItsPayd follows best practices regarding the storage and transmission of data, and only partners with the most trusted of providers.

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