The Story of King

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Meet King!


For most, you might have met him for the first time on his YouTube Video or maybe you connected with him on LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or Imgur (@ItsPaydCCO), however King is a unique dog who came from a bad situation, and has found a home in a great office full of loving and caring friends and family.

Southern California German Shepard Rescue, rehabilitates, provides spay/neuter and veterinary care, and re-homes pets in Southern California—King was abandoned and in a bad place, living in the shelter for 3 years before Ken Green, the founder and CEO of the company ItsPayd discovered the shelter and adopted King to be his new companion and ItsPayd’s CCO (Chief Canine Officer).

Ken and ItsPayd helped King escape from a bad situation and bring him into a better one, similar to the mission of ItsPayd.  ItsPayd’s mission is to give people a second chance before being sent to collections through their user-friendly and technologically innovative solution that implements customized payment plans.  ItsPayd is a Cloud Based Software Application that allows its users the ability to offer custom payment plans to settle past due accounts. To learn more click here.


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