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What is ItsPayd?

ItsPayd is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that is accessible from all devices. With ItsPayd, businesses can offer customizable payment plans, allowing their customers to pay back their debt straight from their mobile device. The goal of ItsPayd is to create a new way for customers to pay off their obligations, while maintaining a positive relationship.

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ItsPayd is the proud recipient of the following awards

2016 icx elevate award f3c12c6a1dca2512037b132e4a599ae3c42a411b3a1ed14b8e8881a03d178bc4
2016 cnp awards best alternative payment solution judges 4c668727e7cf17d47b2345788c1fdb86cde1afb0a963a8c3dd78b16ec07cff76
2016 cnp awards best mobile solution customer c3db6505c1627743fc4edde4e273519dd1646f3042867ffc6a7a69ecbe122758
2016 mobile star awards rising star ed1933886cc2b1695b7cf65b4275fd5c3d830ee5b6eb8909ac8a36dfc540508d
2016 mobile star awards superstar 2620210647aa1aed778f41e4816be4af606cddf7432864192dece93503f8aa9f
2016 etech 8a0896d2af2f7a3a2152d2604b698fe360b6324bbbbf6534263f2e03a6e67812

Introducing ItsPayd

Watch this video to learn about the simple-to-use automated payment platform to offer your customers payment options. Send statements in minutes. Your customers can pay in seconds.

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ItsPayd notifies your customers via text and email and provides a link to take them to your designated plans.

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ItsPayd offers full customization. Customize your statements with your own logo, messaging, and plans.

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Your customer is able to open their invoice and pay you immediately from their mobile device or personal computer.

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ItsPayd allows you to
choose when your notifications are sent
to your customers.

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Easily upload your accounts into ItsPayd using our bulk uploader or automatically import them from QuickBooks Online.

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Read our cost benefit analysis to see how ItsPayd compares with traditional payment recovery methods.

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